Mulan 2020, I’ll Make A Man Out Of You (Music Video), Peyton Parrish (Rock Cover) is OUT

General / 30 March 2022

The song I’ll Make A Man Out Of You, first came to my attention in the original Disney Mulan animation. I enjoyed the song greatly and the film as well. I believe it was one of my first experiences with a female character being a warrior.

In 2020, my life took a turn, and my ability to create art was impaired due to a car accident. But the song and the 2020 Mulan movie helped inspire me. As a result, I recovered and became ambidextrous. This moment in life cemented the connection of Mulan’s struggle in becoming her true self and finding that core strength and reasoning to be strong.

Jump to 2021, I stumbled upon an amazing artist Peyton Parrish on YouTube and his rendition of the iconic song and I instantly fell in love with it. I believe he managed to capture the core of the song and amplify its impact in my mind.

In a YouTube live Peyton Parrish had, I asked if he was okay with me making a music video synced to his song. He said: “Go for it, dude.”

If you like the song, please support Peyton Parrish, and purchase his song. His talent is remarkable.

If you’d like a music video of your own reach out and let’s discuss.