Will I make it to enter The Rookies 2024? Maybe, maybe not, but I'll still won't quit.

Work In Progress / 26 May 2024

So I'm doubtful I'll finish to be able to enter into  The Rookies again this year for various reasons. But I'm trying not to let that stop me from accomplishing something. The stretch goal is June 17th for the texturing of this dude. I'll add the warrior after. I'm open to thoughts, comments, suggestions, what you like, what pitfalls to be wary of, etc. Thanks for your feedback and support. *it's amazing what some lighting can do*If you are wondering where this huggable dragon came from, IMAGE 1 shows the model/textures for 2020. IMAGE 2 Phase 1 Base Color IMAGE 3 Substance Viewport lighting. This is a WIP of the overall base coloring of the dragon.