October goal status:

General / 23 October 2018

So this was my first post and I wanted to provide some update, I still plan to keep this blog art focused. If there is something posted that doesn't seem art related I will provide a further in-depth explanation of its connection to my art.

 October Goals:

Modeled & UVed, Sword redesign & texturing 

Haven't started, Heldigunner Zoid

Plan to postpone this, Model past challenge's concepts that I found cool (Axe & Gun)

Haven't started yet, Texture a Peanut and do two versions of rolled scrolls

Haven't started yet, Do 9 Photoshop materials

Uploaded, Upload some of my Graphic Design work.

Started, Start modeling for the current challenge. I'm planning to do props.

Created a website through artstation. YAY!

 Re-edited first four chapters of my Dark Fantasy Novel. Finished the sixth chapter overall. (Literary Art, and inspiration for later artwork of different mediums)

8 DAYS until end of the month.

TONS of work to do = Stepping up my game.