Mulan 2020, I’ll Make A Man Out Of You (Music Video), Peyton Parrish (Rock Cover) is OUT

General / 30 March 2022

The song I’ll Make A Man Out Of You, first came to my attention in the original Disney Mulan animation. I enjoyed the song greatly and the film as well. I believe it was one of my first experiences with a female character being a warrior.

In 2020, my life took a turn, and my ability to create art was impaired due to a car accident. But the song and the 2020 Mulan movie helped inspire me. As a result, I recovered and became ambidextrous. This moment in life cemented the connection of Mulan’s struggle in becoming her true self and finding that core strength and reasoning to be strong.

Jump to 2021, I stumbled upon an amazing artist Peyton Parrish on YouTube and his rendition of the iconic song and I instantly fell in love with it. I believe he managed to capture the core of the song and amplify its impact in my mind.

In a YouTube live Peyton Parrish had, I asked if he was okay with me making a music video synced to his song. He said: “Go for it, dude.”

If you like the song, please support Peyton Parrish, and purchase his song. His talent is remarkable.

If you’d like a music video of your own reach out and let’s discuss.

Another workout Zbrush Back Day

General / 24 February 2022

Making some progress on my Articty V Arborus (Winged Hero V Dragon Sculpt). Today is Back Day.


Time Skipped, advice & resources to overcome ruts

General / 09 October 2021

Something I have found in my career in art is that there was a lot I didn’t know. I made countless mistakes some that if I just took an extra moment and read that article or watched that video, etc. I could have learned from someone else and also time skipped.

These are just some resources/advice that can maybe help you (they helped me).

**For information pertaining to design: the Futur, Instagrowth Academy

**For 3D information: Lucidpixel (Youtube), get a mentor

**Apps to help with drawing: Magic Poser

**Books that can help you in overcoming your rut: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People |||| Stephen R. CoveyThe Book of Do |||| Chris DoUnfuck yourself || Stop Doing That Shit || Simple truths to guide you through the shit storm of life || Do the Work || Wise As Fuck |||| Gary John BishopTipping Point: How little things makes a big difference |||| Malcolm Gladwell10-Minute Focus: 25 Habits for Mastering Your Concentration and Eliminating Distractions |||| Daniel WalterSo Good They Can’t Ignore You |||| Cal NewportTiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything |||| BJ Fogg

Mind to shelf to realization

General / 18 May 2019

So I just finished two more design projects. One has been on the shelf for years, a design that I created through the inspiration of my appreciation of Avril Lavigne's hard work of making amazing art (music). I've also finished a design inspired by the legendary brand Nike(c) whose tag line has helped me and countless others every day. 

All mockups are thanks to 

5 Min Break

General / 02 December 2018

I'm posting a status update. I'm near the refining stage. I have already plotted out the colors in my mind.  I got 3.5 hours until work so here I go.

Before work:

After 2.5 hours off work:

Final Day and half of contest

General / 01 December 2018

RAWR I will finish this challenge. Two props are modeled retopoed and UVd. The third is nearing completion. I got to take an 10 hour break for work (got bills grr) but you definitely know I'll be planing the entire time at work. I can finish this. I know this challenge has become more than just finishing and aiming to place. It is more finishing something I set out to do. To expand my skills. I believe that is what these challenges are.

  ROAR I will defeat the obstacles set out before me.

Thanksgiving week blitz

General / 19 November 2018

Hi everyone,

Sorry for being silent. I will be sure to make it up to you all with my shares at the end of this week in what I'd like to call the Thanksgiving week Blitz. So stay tuned.

Above is the base of my 3rd prop that I'm working on for the challenge. 

October goal status:

General / 23 October 2018

So this was my first post and I wanted to provide some update, I still plan to keep this blog art focused. If there is something posted that doesn't seem art related I will provide a further in-depth explanation of its connection to my art.

 October Goals:

Modeled & UVed, Sword redesign & texturing 

Haven't started, Heldigunner Zoid

Plan to postpone this, Model past challenge's concepts that I found cool (Axe & Gun)

Haven't started yet, Texture a Peanut and do two versions of rolled scrolls

Haven't started yet, Do 9 Photoshop materials

Uploaded, Upload some of my Graphic Design work.

Started, Start modeling for the current challenge. I'm planning to do props.

Created a website through artstation. YAY!

 Re-edited first four chapters of my Dark Fantasy Novel. Finished the sixth chapter overall. (Literary Art, and inspiration for later artwork of different mediums)

8 DAYS until end of the month.

TONS of work to do = Stepping up my game.

Embarking on my first Artstation Challenge

General / 23 October 2018

I have to admit some part of me thought this would be much simpler than it is. I have just started the blocking stage of one prop. But it is the initial steps that I feel determine the outcome. I will stick with it since the taste of success in completing my first challenge will be amazing.

Here is my progress so far:

 I'm planning to take one prop to the texture phase and then start the others so that way I can texture all them at once. Obviously, there are a few other steps. I'm debating on which UVing program. I'm aware of UVlayout, Rizom Lab, 3D Coat, and Maya. I'm thinking I may use a combination, since I will have to retopologize my meshes.

Website publish

General / 19 October 2018

Hey everyone,

So I added some more artwork to my portfolio: Illustration, Graphic Design, Fine Art. In addition, I published my site check it out.