The job search

Work In Progress / 05 October 2021

So it has been quite some time since I have to do any posting/ documentation of what I have been up to. As the title of this post says I have embarked on the job search again. Though I quickly realized that I need to start creating new works and be more active in my communities so that people know who I am and what I have to offer. To start in making things easier I have created an to help organize all my work under one link, while still keeping everything separate at the same time too.

In summary, I am a visual communicator, who focuses on typography, layout design, 3D character, and Hardsurface modeling. I teach youth 3D printing and graphic design, drawing, character design, and more. 

I'm currently looking for freelance work or the opportunity to join a team and contribute my vast skills, and grow as an artist.

(Above) I have started exploring a new armor design from my original concept from the main character from my novel.(Above) Here is a work in progress of some progress of the facial anatomy I've been working on for my new model to come.(Above) are some typography works that if interested more can be seen on my Behance page. 

(Above) I have started building my brand called Scyth3 Designs.
(Above) is a new mixed-media digital painting I have done bridging some old traditional work into a more digital medium. This work is available for purchase as prints and more on my Redbubble site in the link tree link above.