Start to a new journey ahead

Work In Progress / 13 May 2019

As one journey ends in a designer’s path, one must find the strength to continue on. This post is for all those at this juncture in life professionally and personally. I want to share with you some words of wisdom and encouragement that you may have already heard before. But every time I myself have heard and seen these words I view them in a new way.

  1. Remain result orientated and be proactive. If no one has done it before you then be the pioneer.
  2. Everything is impossible to those that don’t try.

Live, design experiences, and inspire those in every room you enter.

Design Hacks:

  1. Be HONEST with yourself and your designs, don’t try to be something you aren’t.
  2. Be THOROUGH, give it your all and more. Limits are self placed.
  4. START.

    WIP of next Digital Painting.